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Non-approved bat list
Coaches are reminded they are to have a non-approved bat list from the ASA website with them before each game. When umpires check bats they will ask coaches for this list so they can show umpires they don’t have any non-approved bats. Umpires are encouraged to also carry the non-approved bat list. The bat list is on the KSHSAA softball page or at this link

We also received this reminder from the NFHS last week concerning some Louisville Slugger bats. Last summer you received a list of Louisville Slugger bats that were declared illegal because of their gritty finish. There was a hearing and the legality of the bats on that list was overturned to make them all legal.

There has been confusion among the umpires in that some were never told to ignore the first email and that list. Some of these umpires are removing these bats from the game because of the gritty finish which has been declared legal. Please take one more step to ensure that the umpires in your state know that these bats are legal. They will appear on the ASA Approved List.

Coaches – Umpire Recommendations due May 6-13
Coaches you should meet with your school Athletic Director and submit your recommendations of 8 umpires you feel should be considered for State tournament selection. This is an on-line form and must be submitted by the school administrator by May 13. Recommend umpires you have observed during the past two years. Only umpires who have made themselves post-season eligible will be listed for schools to choose from.

NFHS Softball Questionnaire
All coaches and umpires who had an accurate e-mail address on file with the KSHSAA received an e-mail with a link for the NFHS softball questionnaire. Make sure your e-mail address is accurate if you are an official, you can update the information by logging in and make necessary changes. The questionnaire closes May 18, 2015. [Continue]

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