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Regional Seeding
Seeding for Classes 2-1A, 3A and 4A will take place on Wednesday, May 13 at 10:00 a.m. All schools should call and update their records that morning. Seeding is based on win/loss percentage (divide number of wins by games played). Regional hosts will seed the tournament and provide information to schools regarding location, date and time of games. When brackets are completed and received by the KSHSAA they will be posted on the KSHSAA web-site on the regional assignment page. Classes 5A & 6A will hold their seeding meeting on Saturday, May 16 at 10:00 a.m. Once brackets are forwarded to the KSHSAA they will be posted on the KSHSAA web-site. Games played after seeding day will count on the teams state tournament seeding if they advance.

Runners May Not Leave Base Early
Rule 8-1-4a states runners may advance with liability of being put out when
   a. The ball leaves the pitcher’s hand on the delivery
   b. A thrown ball or fair batted ball is not blocked.
   c. A thrown ball hits an umpire.
   d. A legally caught flay ball is first touched by any defensive player.
   e. A fair ball strikes an umpire or a runner after having passed a fielder other than the pitcher, and provided no other fielder had a chance to make an out, or when a fair batted ball has been touched by a fielder, including the pitcher.

The base umpire is responsible for observing runners leaving before the ball is pitched. If a runner leaves early the runner should be declared out and there is no pitch.

Regional Squad List Due
Schools are to submit their regional squad list (SFB-2) by May 11. A copy of the regional roster is to be sent to the regional host via e-mail or fax. Information on SFB-2 will be transferred to SFB-4 the State squad list. This may be updated by noon the day after your regional tournament is complete

Umpire Recommendations Due
School administrators must submit their list of umpires recommended for post-season by May 13. Only umpires who have met the qualifications to be assigned post-season will be listed. Requirements are scoring 90% on the open book exam, attending the softball rules meeting and attending one area supervisor meeting. Schools may recommend umpires they have observed in the last two years. [Continue]

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Current Champions







Olathe South

Wichita-Bishop Carroll


Meriden-Jefferson West

Silver Lake

Cottonwood Falls-Chase Co.

Lawrence-Rock Chalk Park

Wichita-Two Rivers Youth Complex

Salina-Bill Burke Complex

Hummer Sports Complex

Manhattan-Twin Oaks Complex

Pratt-Green Sports Complex

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