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NFHS Softball Survey
All umpires and head coaches were sent a link to the NFHS survey for softball. Please complete the survey by the May 14 deadline. Your input is important to the NFHS as they look at potential new rules.

ASA Bat List Information
Umpires are no longer required to check bats or equipment prior to the contest. Coaches are responsible for making sure that players are legally equipped and that only legal bats are being used. Coaches can find the legal bat list on the USA softball website - The site shows a list of legal bats as well as a list of bats that were at one time approved and had the ASA 2000 or 2004 mark, but have since been found to be illegal. Coaches are responsible to make sure all bats are legal. Coaches should have a copy of the non-approved bat list with them at the game, but they do not have to show it umpires prior to the game. If an issue comes up with a bat, the coach should be able to provide the list.

Umpires – Provide Cards for Coaches
Umpires are reminded to give each coach a card with your name and hometown on it prior to each contest. This helps coaches remember who their umpires were and also will help as they begin deciding who to recommend for post-season. This is a great way to get your name in front of coaches for recommendations and future game assignments.

Length of Games
Several questions concerning the length of JV games have come to our office. The KSHSAA does not determine the length of JV contests other than they cannot be scheduled longer than allowed by NFHS rules. If a league chooses to have a time limit of 2 hours or limit the JV (sub-level) games to 5 innings that is not a KSHSAA rule but a league rule. Umpires should be made aware prior to the start of the contest what specific league rules there may be for ending a sub-level/JV game.

Varsity games can have no time limit. They must be completed by NFHS rules. The 10 run rule after five innings is in effect for all games. Leagues and or schools may agree to use the 15 after three innings run rule.

Umpires – remember if you have a play in which you feel a runner interfered with a fielder’s initial attempt to make a play on a fair batted ball – you need to call interference IMMEDIATELY. Don’t let the play continue. If there is interference it is a dead ball the runner is out. Each other runner must return to the last base touched at the time of the interference. When a runner is called out for interference, the batter-runner is awarded first base and is credited with a fielder’s choice. If this interference, in the judgment of the umpire, is an obvious attempt to prevent a double play and occurs before the runner is put out, the immediate succeeding runner shall also be called out. (Rule 8-6-10) [Continue]

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