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High School Diving Judges scale Modified

The recent change in the High School Diving Judging Scale to the FINA descriptions (and scores) has prompted many discussions as teams and officials begin their season.

First, I would like to strongly recommend that as judges we all start using the adjectives used in the judging scale. By putting our thoughts into the descriptive words, Failed, Unsatisfactory, Deficient, Satisfactory, Good, Very Good, and Excellent, we can better place a dive into the correct category.

Next, the Failed, Unsatisfactory, and Deficient categories have very little change (Deficient has increased ½ point higher) while the exceptional and excellent categories have been renamed and refined at the top of the scale. Excellent describes a 10 (not necessarily a perfect dive) and Very Good replaces the adjective excellent as the second highest category. With the new scale Very Good dives receive an 8½, 9 or 9½.

The main changes fall in the Satisfactory and Good categories. Generally speaking, more dives fall into these categories than any other. The old scale condensed these categories (4½ to 7) and failed to differentiate between good divers doing average dives and average divers doing better than expected dives. It was common for a “good” diver to do a sloppy dive and receive good scores while an “ok” diver had to work extremely hard to get a good score. The new scale should fix this by stretching and raising the scores in these categories from 5 to 8.

Additionally, most coaches would agree that a dive receiving 4½’s is not satisfactory. The Satisfactory category now includes the scores 5, 5 1/2, 6 and 6 1/2. Almost all coaches would accept optional dives receiving scores in this satisfactory range at their championships. We also need to understand that the adjectives we use should describe the dives. For instance an average dive, an acceptable or ok dive all are the same as satisfactory.

Average, ok, acceptable = Satisfactory.

When a dive is better than average (satisfactory) it should be scored in the Good Category (or higher) this includes scores ranging from 7 to 8. If it is slightly better a 7 is appropriate, if it is significantly better a 7½ or an 8 if it is bordering on very good. Remember that by definition, a good dive is better than average or acceptable. If a dive is really good it is most likely in the Very Good category. Use these adjectives to describe a Very Good dive.

Outstanding, Incredible, Exceptional = Very Good <<< continue >>>


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