Student Council

2015 Dr. Earl Reum Kansas Advisor of the Year
Brennan Eilert

Brennan Eilert has been a Counselor and Student Council Advisor at Beloit High School in Beloit, Kansas, for the last eleven years, after spending two years at Norton and four years at Manhattan High School. Under her direction, the Beloit High School Student Council continues to support the Beloit community with food and blood drives annually, community service days, Angel Tree gift distribution as well as annually selecting a charity to adopt and raise money for that has eclipsed more than $20,000 over the past seven years.

Members of Beloit High School’s Student Council Executive Council say, “Without a leader like her, we wouldn’t be able to do the many things we do. Student Council would not be able to make a positive impact in our school without Mrs. Eilert. She devotes so much of her free time ensuring the success of the students at Beloit High School.”

Brennan and Beloit High School have served as a host for many KSHSAA Regional Conferences and has been a huge support of the KSHSAA Summer Leadership Workshop by sending students each and every year, with many returning as Junior Councilors.

Beloit High School’s Principal, Casey Seyfert, stated, “Mrs. Eilert is passionate, detailed, and incredibly loyal. The Student Council at Beloit High School sets the stage for success of the entire school and continually strives for excellence. Under her leadership, the Student Council at Beloit has branched out to help many different organizations and has become a large part of our community.”

When asked about her work as a student council advisor, Brennan said, “Student Council sets the tone for the school building; it is an organization full of high expectations, strong leadership, loyalty, and hard work. This tone resonates throughout the student body and creates a school environment our students want to be a part of; classmates look up to student council members and strive to become a part of the organization.”


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