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Warm Up
Congratulations to all of those who achieved your goals this season and best of luck to those striving for new goals already for next season. Thank you to those family members and school administrators who traveled to Rim Rock Farm and Wamego to watch the State Championships. It was great to see so many people there despite the chilly temperatures and the wind.

The Start

  • Thank you to our state XC hosts. As many of you know there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into hosting a state championship.
    • Lawrence Free State: Athletic Director Jered Shaw and Head Coach Steve Heffernan
    • Wamego: Athletic Director Travis Graber and Head Coach Rick Patton
  • It is my desire to continue to make the state championships the best environment they can be for everyone at the meet and for those who can’t be there. We’ll continue to build on the atmosphere and traditions that have been established. We tried a couple of new things this year.
    • The video production of the Wamego site is available for download on the NFHS Network. To see it, go to the 'On Demand' tab, not the 'Live' tab. You will need to scroll through KSHSAA events and/or select Cross Country. The video production team comprised largely of Rock Creek High School students had never produced a cross country event before. The production got better each race and maximized the equipment they had – which did include two wireless cameras that could stretch up to 1000 ft from the control room. While you can't see all of the race, we'll continue to build on this and make it better next year. We encourage you to share this link with your parents and other supporters. This was a big undertaking, and a lot of notes were taken to improve this next year. The more people who download and watch, the greater the chance for enhancement in the future.
    • Another thing we added this year at Wamego was live split points at the one-mile and two-mile. Despite everyone’s best efforts and a high level of communication, they were not as effective as desired. We will continue to work with all parties to make the split points as good as they can be in the future.
    • As we said in the website announcements about the enhancements to state cross country, Wamego is easier to do some of these things due to the location of the course. I continue to think of ways to improve the Rim Rock experience in this regard.
  • If someone at the Wamego site lost a set of AirPods, please let me know if you can identify them and they will get shipped to you.

Cool Down
The best thing about state cross country – no cool down!

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Current Boys Champions Current Girls Champions
Gardner Edgerton
Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
Wichita-Trinity Academy
Richmond-Central Heights
Olathe West
Lenexa-St. James Academy
Gypsum-Southeast of Saline
Salina-Sacred Heart
Montezuma-South Gray

[Previous State Champions]

[Previous State Champions]

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