Scholars Bowl
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Scholars Bowl

Rules for Question Submission

All questions MUST be submitted online.

The process to submit Scholars Bowl questions is located behind the secure school section of the KSHSAA website. You will need to log-in to your KSHSAA School's web page using your Coach's User ID and password or Administrative User ID and password.  Once logged in, the interface to submit your questions is located under the "Activities" link at the top of the page, then scroll down to Scholars Bowl and click on "Question Submission". Please ask your activity director for assistance if needed or contact the KSHSAA office.

As a prerequisite for a Regional Assignment each school must submit five questions in each of the following seven categories:

 (Please select questions by category and area, i.e.: Social Studies — Kansas History)

World Language –The same expression must be written in French, German and Spanish (IN THAT ORDER).

Social Studies –Geography; Economics; World Government; US Government; World History; US History; Psychology

Language Arts –American Literature; British Literature; World Literature-Russian, French, Latin American; Grammar & Usage; Spelling & Vocabulary; Religion-Bible, etc.; Mythology-Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, etc.

Mathematics –Algebra; Geometry; Trigonometry; Calculus; Probability & Statistics; Misc.

Science/Health –Chemistry; Physics; Biology; Earth/Space Science.

Fine Arts –Composers/Artists; Definitions; Works/Compositions; Philosophy; Dance/Theater; Misc.-Woodworking, Textiles, Architecture.

Year in Review –Government (US & World); Science, Technology & Health; Business & Finance; Entertainment & Sports; General News (US & World); Obituaries.


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