NEW FOR 2014-2015

NOTE: The Executive Board unanimously approved the following criteria when making bowling regional assignments:

Schools with both a boys and girls team will not be split. Schools with single gender teams will take turns traveling to other sites in order to provide for an equal number of team insofar as possible.

144 bowlers will qualify for state competition in Class 6A – 72 in Girls and 72 in Boys. 192 bowlers will qualify for state competition in Class 5-1A – 96 in Girls and 96 in Boys.

TEAM - In 6A, the top three (3) teams at three (3) regional tournaments will qualify for the state tournament. In 5-1A, the top three (3) teams at four (4) regional tournaments will qualify for the state tournament.


Try-out for the 2014-2015 season may take place between the first Monday after Thanksgiving (December 1) through December 31.

  • Try-outs may be one week in length
  • Try-outs may not be conducted during the KSHSAA Holiday non-practice dates of December 24-28.
  • Students must have a physical examination in order to try-out. They will need a PPE (physical exam) and a concussion/head injury form on file in the school office prior to their first day of school tryouts.


Participants shall be limited to no more than two bowling balls at any one time on the ball return. All bowling balls must adhere to USBC Rule 3 and be in compliance with the terms and conditions regarding ball material, weight, size, markings, holes, balance and hardness.

NOTE: A bowling ball with the brand “Bad Ass” or any other offensive language will not be permitted for use by a high school bowler in KSHSAA interscholastic regular season and post-season events.

There are a multitude of bowling balls for use by our high school bowlers that do not have offensive language printed on them.



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Current Boys Champions Current Girls Champions





Junction City (T)

C. Hubbard - Wichita-NW (I)

Towanda-Circle (T)

J. Hromek - Tow.-Circle (I)





Haysville-Campus (T)

Whitney Prockish - W. Rural (I)

Topeka West (T)

Rebecca King - Wichita-Heights(I)

[Previous State Champions]

[Previous State Champions]

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