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April 29, 2024

Mobile Scoring Procedure
For postseason here is how we will handle mobile scoring: The person listed on the top of the scorecard will be responsible for keeping score on their phone. If they defer, then we will go to the next person listed and so on. If all defer, then the person on the top will be required to take on the duty. During the round if a phone battery becomes a problem or something similar, they may choose to change duties.

After the round is complete the group should get with the marker to verify their scores. From there, the marker will take their sheet to the computer to verify scores.

Stroke and Distance
For boys postseason golf the local rule will not be used for lost ball or out of bounds. We will play stroke and distance regional and state.

Sand Green Entries
Qualifying sheets for State Sand Greens Golf are due May 14.

Board Of Directors Vote
The KSHSAA Board of Directors did approve a change to the handbook rule for start times. You can read the agenda item (#9) here

This will go into effect with the 2024-25 school year.


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Current Boys Champions Current Girls Champions
Olathe West
Wichita-Kapaun Mount Carmel
Salina-Sacred Heart
Montezuma-South Gray
Olathe Northwest
Wichita-Kapaun Mount Carmel
Silver Lake

[Previous State Champions]

[Previous State Champions]

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