SITUATION: K1 is attempting to kick their PAT (for kicker protection, what are the parameters)? At the snap, the offensive guards and tackles grab onto the leg of the lineman to their inside. The defense is called for roughing the kicker—What is call against the offense for grabbing onto the legs of the player next to them? (be careful) and how are you going to handle all of these on one play? 9-2 9-4 2-16 2-3

SITUATION: The ball is snapped to K1, who is in a punting formation (definition of the formation needed for punter protection) - K1 punts the ball, but the ball is blocked and the ball stays behind the line of scrimmage, where it is recovered by K2, who picks the ball up and kicks it. What do we have here? Illegal Kicking? Linemen illegally downfield? Is a second kick legal? 2-14 6-2

SITUATION: 1) With the Quarterback under center, a receiver, wo was lined up on the line of scrimmage, starts in motion across the formation—(you are correct - if the receiver was on the line of scrimmage, he has to be at least 5 yards deep in the backfield at the snap). 2) The quarterback, under control and not simulating a snap, comes out from under the center and back into the shot gun formation (legal ?). 3) Both the receiver and the quarterback come to a complete stop for one second before the ball is snapped. 7-1 7-2 7-7

  • A. Is it legal for the quarterback, once in position, to receive the snap, after coming out from under center?
  • B. What is the call if the quarterback lines up behind the guard, but the center snaps the ball to a back in the wildcat formation? Do you stop the play at the snap with this situation?

SITUATION: The time on the clock runs out for the second quarter as A2 scores a touchdown. A1’s kick for the PAT is successful. The referee drops a flag and indicates that roughing the holder has taken place. What is the signal for roughing the holder? How is the rule violation penalized? (What is necessary on the part of the holder for him to have protection) ? What options will be offered the kicking team? 9-4 8-3 2-14

SITUATION: With 2nd and 10 for A on their own 25 yard line, A2 sweeps around the end and the Line Judge drops a flag for a block in the back, after a 5 yard gain. The crew enforces the penalty from A’s 30 yard line—they bring the ball back to the 15 yard line and set the ball ready for play. Before the ball is snapped, the coach of team A believes the crew has made an error in marking off the penalty distance and frantically calls time-out. How should the rest of this situation be handled? Will the time-out be charged to the coach? 9-3 3-5

POINT DIFFERENTIAL: Remember, the point differential can have a major impact in district play. If there is a touchdown as time expires in the game and the point differential is 21 or more, there is no need to run the point after touchdown. If in doubt, have the point after attempt. KSHSAA Football Manual

RISK MINIMIZATION: Concussions continue to be a focus of attention in football, at every level. If you suspect a player may have suffered a concussion (do you know the symptoms), how do you notify the coach? What if that player comes back into the game and you believe his is still impaired? What is your authority level in keeping a player, suspected of having a concussion, off the field?

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