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2014 Summer Coaching Rule Advisory

Based on the questions we are receiving in our office this is an attempt to answer some questions concerning what coaches may or may not do under the new summer coaching rule. Remember the new coaching rule only affects who can coach and when. The rules concerning facility rental, use of equipment, transportation and insurance have not changed.

These regulations apply to all athletic activities sponsored by the KSHSAA. continue >>>

Definitions and Rule interpretations

Based on questions from parents and club coaches concerning what is permitted during the school year outside the season of sport, here are a few definitions that will help clarify some rules. School coaches may not be involved in off season practices or competitions. continue >>>

What Coaches/Athletes MAY or MAY NOT do

The following "may" and "may not" list is designed to help coaches, school administrators, students and parents understand what they may do in connection with KSHSAA governed sports/activities. The list is not intended to be all-inclusive. The items included are the ones prompting frequent questions about what coaches or athletes may or may not be permitted to do under KSHSAA rules.

Because KSHSAA rules governing students and coaches differ during the year the list is divided into three sections: 1) during school year, 2) during school season of sport/activity and 3) during the summer. As you review this list it is important to keep this in mind as it relates to KSHSAA rules. continue>>>

7 on 7 Football Passing Leagues

Due to the increasing number of students involved in seven on seven football passing leagues and with the KSHSAA board of directors change in September of 2008, there are many questions that arise from KSHSAA member schools about the application of KSHSAA rules to these leagues. The following questions and answers are designed to help coaches, school administrators and students understand what they may or may not do in connection with these passing leagues. These are the most frequently asked questions and is not intended to be an all-inclusive document. continue >>>

Coach's Summer Camps (Rule 30-1-6)

Article 6: No school organized spring or summer practice or school-organized summer camps shall be permitted. (See Rule 20-1-1e, Awards)

a. A coach may organize and administer a one-week (per sport) camp for his/her players only, provided the following guidelines are met:

1. The school shall not be involved other than to approve the use of facilities, dates and to be assured by the coach there will be no violations of KSHSAA rules and/or regulations.

2. It shall be conducted following the conclusion of the second semester and before Sunday of Standardized Calendar Week #3.

3. Member schools, the coaches and coach aides they employ may not conduct contact football camps.

4. School uniforms or player equipment may not be used. If school facilities (gymnasiums, fields, balls, mats, etc.) are used, the coach must lease them per board of education policy

5. No coach or other school representative may require or by implication direct a student to attend a sports camp as a condition of team membership the following year.

6. A student shall not receive pay or expenses for working at a camp involving a sport in which he/she participates.

7. The camp program shall not include any type of competition with teams of another camp.

b. All school coaches may hold only voluntary weight training and conditioning beginning Sunday of SCW #5 through and including Sunday of SCW #7. No school team practices shall be permitted until Monday of SCW #7. continue >>>




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