Baseball Weekly Announcements


Regional Squad List Due
Schools are to submit their regional squad list (BSB-2) by, May 9. A copy of the regional roster is to be sent to the regional host via e-mail or fax. Information on BSB-2 will be transferred to BSB-4 the State squad list. This may be updated by noon the day after your regional tournament is complete. At that point the rosters will be sent to Royal Publishing for the program for the state tournament.

Umpire Recommendations Due
School administrators must submit their list of umpires recommended for postseason by May 11. Only umpires who have met the qualifications to be assigned post-season will be listed. Requirements are scoring 90% on the open book exam, attending the softball rules meeting and attending one area supervisor meeting. Schools may recommend umpires they have observed in the last two years.

Win-Loss Record Form Due
The baseball win loss record form is due by May 16 to the KSHSAA. This form lists all games played during the regular season and the score.

Players Participating on a Non-School Team
Many players also participate in baseball on non-school teams and we have had many questions about when can they start playing with the non-school team. Players may not play or practice with a non-school team while they are a member of the school team. When the school team season is over (may be different times for different levels) the player may begin playing and practicing with the non-school team. However, the restriction of no more than 5 (five) from the same school squad playing or practicing on the same non-school team continues until the Saturday before Memorial Day (May 29, 2016).

Situation of the Week:
Play: With R2 at second, R3 at third and one out. B5 hits a sharp grounder to F3, who steps on the bag. F3 then throws to F5, who tags out R2. R3 crosses the plate before R2 is retired. Does the run score?

Ruling: R3’s run counts. The third out was neither a force play nor did it involved the batter-runner failing to reach first base. The batter-runner’s out was the second out and play at third base was the third out. Because R3 crossed the plate before the third out, which was not a force out, the run scores. (NFHS 9-1-1 exception b).

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