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We have reached the halfway point in the 2014 baseball season, but we are a little more than 175 years after the invention of the great game by Abner Doubleday. Cooperstown, NY saw the conception of baseball (rightfully the now place of the MLB Hall of Fame). You can see game played at Doubleday Park whenever you are in Cooperstown. The game has changed some since Abner set the wheels in motion and every game brings a new opportunity to see a play you may not be familiar with. There have been good situations that have been brought to my attention and I have tried to cover them here every week. I encourage coaches and umpires to contact me with rules/interpretations that you feel may be good to review/cover.

Post Season Applications Due
A reminder to umpires that applications for state tournament assignment are due on Friday, May 9 and can be completed on-line or mailed or faxed to the KSHSAA. To complete the application on-line log in as an official and click on baseball – the application is on the right hand side of the page. Any umpire who has attended a rule meeting and area supervisor meeting and scored 90% on the test should complete an application.

Catcher, Plate Umpire Rapport
When an umpire sees those boarder line calls, like a pitcher barely pausing before delivering a pitch, sometimes the best solution is to create a rapport with the catcher. Giving the catcher messages to deliver to the pitcher or fielders can help solve problems that have not happened yet. No other position has the official and player so close for such a length of time throughout the game. Subtle conversations for the betterment of a good baseball game can go a long way.

Base Running
A runner is out when he does not legally slide and causes illegal contact and/or illegally alters the actions of a fielder in the immediate act of making a play, or on a force play, does not slide in a direct line between the bases. A runner may slide in a direction away from the fielder to avoid making contact or altering the play of the fielder. Runners are never required to slide, but if a runner elects to slide, the slide must be legal. Jumping, hurdling, and leaping are all legal attempts to avoid a fielder as long as the fielder is lying on the ground. Diving over a fielder is illegal.

We are seeing runners who are attempting to “take out” fielders with slides into the fielder rather than away from them. Umpires must watch the whole play and call them out for illegal slides. Coaches that yell “break it up” need to make sure players are not interpreting that as creating contact.

Note: Malicious contact is always an immediate dead ball. Other runners on base shall be put to the base the umpires see fit. <<< continue >>>

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