Below are some specific situations and rules that have come up this week that need a look at:

Whether or not we agree we need to understand the game is always changing and we need learn from and adapt to all. A play that is demonstrating this is when offensive teams may intentionally get into rundowns as a way to possibly score a run from third. As a defensive team remember that there is no rule against just throwing the ball back to the mound and playing baseball. The offensive team can take their chances but that does not guarantee that the defensive team has to react. All teams have their strategies and it is hard to believe as old as this game is new things come to light but it is possible. In regards to umpiring these types of situations remember that as an umpire sometimes we need to let baseball happen. There is no need to get caught up in the gamesmanship. Your job is to officiate baseball. One point of note that could come up in this situation is: RULE 8-2-8 – a. If two runners are on the same base, at the same time and both are tagged, the following runner is declared out. On a force play situation, the runner who is forced to advance shall be declared out when tagged on the base or the base to which he is forced is touched by a fielder while in possession of the ball.

“Gorilla” position
Often times when a pitcher is in the stretch position he will lean over and hang his arm to the side. It is commonly known as the gorilla position because of the resemblance the pitcher makes when he swings his arm by his side. Pictured below:
This is NOT illegal but has conditions. Some umpires and coaches may be believe this is automatically illegal. That is not true.

NFHS Case book: 6.1.3 SITUATION Q:
With a runner on first, Team A right-handed pitcher is in the set position, bent at the waist and his pitching arm naturally hangs down slightly in front or to the side away from his body. As he looks to the catcher for a signal, a) the pitcher's arm is stationary or b) the pitching arm rocks slightly from side to side. [Continue]

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