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Uniform Update
Cold weather baseball is common in Kansas. It is permissible for defenders to wear sweatshirts on the field of play unless the umpire were to deem the extra clothing dangerous to play. This is not desirable or permissible for the pitcher.

We Need To Talk: Let’s get it right.
The era of making a call and staying with it, regardless of circumstances, is effectively over. Conference with crewmates can be a useful tool for remedying errors. Here are a few reminders:

  • Conferences are not intended for the purpose of overruling a partner. They are a forum for providing a partner with information that will help him or her make the correct call.
  • Make certain that the information you are providing a partner is accurate and that you are sure of what you have. Do not guess.
  • Be sure to hold crew conference out of earshot of players and coaches.
  • If a partner comes to you with information, take it and them seriously. Do not be dismissive if you have more experience, or if you have not worked with them before. Treating a less-experienced partner as an equal will help build their confidence, and might get you or the crew out of a jam.
  • Continue to observe the players during a conference. That can be hard if there are only two of you working, but do your best.

Private Instruction Is Permitted
During the school season a student/athlete may continue to receive private instruction in the same sport that they are participating in (baseball). Private instruction is defined as one on one instruction. A support person may be present but not receive instruction. For instance, if the player was going to a pitching lesson the school catcher could go to “support” and catch, but the catcher cannot receive instruction during the lesson. A pitcher could not go to a group pitching lesson during the season.

Part of the rationale for the rule is when players are participating on the school team, they need to do things the way the school coach has asked. When multiple people are giving instruction the player is challenged with what advice to follow and it becomes confusing. If a player is taking private lessons they should inform the school coach. <<< continue >>>

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