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New Rule 2016-17 Section 8, Accompanists

The same accompanist may not be used at two different music festival sites on the same day.


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2015-16 Second Year for Regional and State Music Festival
Section 8, Accompanists

It is strongly recommended accompanists limit their events to less than 20. No accompanist may play for more than 30 events. There is no charge for piano or non-piano accompanists of vocal or instrumental entries.


Computer Access to KSHSAA Publications-Password
Music Directors need to see their activity director and ask for their School’s ID and Coach’s Password if they need to access a computer version of any school KSHSAA publication (ie. music manual or monthly activity journals). Once you get your ID and Password – go to KSHSAA home page and click on the “Schools” tab on top of page then click on “login”. Please note that every year at the end of July all Athletic Directors are mailed multiple published copies of the current year’s music manual to hand out to their music directors.

All high school music head directors are required to complete the KSHSAA online rules meeting each year beginning. The online meeting will be available for credit from September 1 until November 1. Instructions for how to log on and view the online meeting will be mailed to Athletic Directors by the first of August along with the Music manual. Schools with coaches failing to complete the online meeting by November 1 will be subject to a $25 fine and their school will be listed in the Activities Journal

The KSHSAA and KMEA strongly recommend that all Kansas music adjudicators view the online Music Adjudicator Training videos.
Please contact Craig Manteuffel, or Kathy Wilhelm, to receive your login and password in order to participate. Our Kansas musicians deserve quality music adjudication, so get signed up today!



The music manual no longer prohibits music published as duets. Ensembles are still restricted to 3-24 performers. Thus duets may not be entered into solo and small ensemble festivals.

Accompaniment Option for Vocal or Instrumental SolosIntelligent accompaniments (e.g., Smart Music) will be allowed for solo performances only when a qualified accompanist is not available. Schools shall bring their own equipment to be used at the festivals and the scheduled performance time limit must include the setting up and taking down of equipment. The intelligent accompaniment unit must be set on the interactive mode for all performances and the intelligent accompaniment must follow the performer. It must be used as piano accompaniment only and is not to be used in orchestral or any other accompaniment modes. Non interactive accompaniment recordings, such as CD or MIDI, etc., will not be allowed. Intelligent accompaniments should only be utilized as a last option when a qualified accompanist is not available.[continue >>>]