Cheer/Dance Rules Clarified Regarding Glitter, Hair, Jewelry, Fingernails

So often the most violated safety rules are the rules which are the most easily fixed! National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Spirit Rules regarding gum, glitter, hair, jewelry, and fingernails should be the easiest to enforce by our cheer/dance coaches and they do not involve practice or stunt changes. It should be easy for a coach to say: “Your hair is getting in your eyes. Please pull it back to assure full peripheral vision;” or “We are stunting and your hair is on your shoulders;” or “I need you to remove all jewelry before every practice or performance.” Be consistent and never compromise these important safety rules.

If a coach explains that these are rules that have been set by the NFHS and KSHSAA to prevent injury, perhaps cheerleaders and dancers will realize the safety concerns. Coaches - be firm. Enforce the rules for safety.

NF Rule 2-1-7: 3-1-7 Participants are not permitted to chew gum or have candy in their mouths during practice or performance.

NF Rule 2-3-1: 3-1-1 Jewelry must not be worn except for religious or medical medals, which shall be taped to the body (without a chain) under the uniform.

NOTE: Jewelry that is illegal includes any pierced body parts (navel, eyebrow, tongue or any other piercing). There can be no earrings worn on any part of the ear as well. The "no jewelry" rule also pertains to ankle bracelets, watches, rings, and necklaces.
The NFHS also states that tongue piercing has been determined by the physicians on their board to be such a great safety hazard, that it is not allowed in any sport. "Spacers" that are placed in the tongue or any other part of the body while the stud has been removed have also been determined by the physicians to be illegal. Students will NOT be allowed to loop fish line through any pierced area to keep it open or cover jewelry with tape.

NF Rule 2-3-2: 3-1-2 Fingernails, including artificial nails, must be kept at an appropriate length (short, near the end of the fingers) to minimize risk for the participants. That means the nails are not visible beyond the end of the fingers when viewed from the palm side of the hands.

NOTE: Artificial nails are legal, provided they are the CORRECT LENGTH.

NF Rule 2-3-3: 3-1-3 The hair must be worn in a manner to minimize risk for the participant. Hair devices, if worn, must be secure and appropriate for the activity.

NOTE: At the minimum, all dance and cheer participants must have 180 degree peripheral vision at all times. The legal devices to hold hair away from the face and off the shoulders include: bobby pins, small triangle clips, flat (old fashioned) barrettes, rubber/elastic bands. Claw clamps of any size are illegal, as are bobby pins with jewels glued on the ends (jewelry rules), bump its, etc.

NF Rule 2-3-7: 3-1-6 Participants shall not wear glitter that does not readily adhere on their hair, face, uniform, costume or the body (If it can fall off, it is illegal).

NOTE: Glitter will also be illegal on signs used by cheerleaders unless the signs have been completely laminated. Spray glitter is prohibited inside any facility!


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2016 Dates and Sites

2016 Dates and Sites

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June 21-24 - El Dorado-Butler Community College (Elite & Performance Stunt) (Tue-Fri)

June 26-29 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Elite & Performance Stunt) (Sun-Wed) FULL

July 6-9 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Elite & Regular) (Wed-Sat)

July 14-17 - Kansas Wesleyan University
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June 26-29 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Sun-Wed) FULL

July 6-9 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Wed-Sat)

July 14-17 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Thu-Sun) FULL

July 17-20 - Coffeyville Community College (Sun-Wed)

July 19-22 - El Dorado-Butler Community College (Tue-Fri) FULL

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