Area Presidents

Current Area Presidents

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Elsie Cordell
Olathe Mission Trail HS
Sophia Burton
Cottonwood Falls Chase County HS
Morgan Allen
Centralia HS
Ryan Prewo
Logan HS
Gavin Zubiate
Hodgeman County HS
Madison Busby
El Dorado HS


  1. Shall be a student in high school or junior high/middle school during the following school year and shall have served or be serving as an officer or board member in their local club.
  2. Shall be an active member of the Kansas Association for Youth. "Active member" shall be interpreted to mean the nominee has assumed responsibility for projects or programs and has carried through with ideas.
  3. The candidate shall be a respected and dependable person and a positive role model.
  4. Shall have the approval of their principal, sponsor and board members to run for this office.

Responsibilities of Candidates

  1. Send nominee's name to KSHSAA no later than 10 days prior to their RC.
  2. Shall notify clubs in their area of their candidacy and qualifications (optional).
  3. Secure a nominator to give a 1 � minute speech outlining candidates qualifications.
  4. Give a 2 minute speech defining why they want to be an area president (guidelines sent from KSHSAA) and respond to a questions asked by current area president (list sent in advance to review).

Duties of Area President

  1. Shall attend camp (does not pay a camp fee).
  2. Shall attend a training meeting of all area presidents and the state director following the RC.
  3. Shall be responsible for sending out at least 3 newsletters to the clubs in their area.
  4. Shall answer correspondence from local clubs and the state director.
  5. Shall give a 10 minute speech and preside over all general sessions at the following RC.
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