Individual Eligibility for KSHSAA Piano Regional and State Festivals
  • The provisions of the Eligibility Rules shall apply to all students who participate in interscholastic music activities. Rules governing these events are found in the KSHSAA Handbook.
  • Students representing member schools in interscholastic music activities shall be required to meet the same qualifications as those representing their school in all other interscholastic activities (i.e., grades, transfer, scholarship, etc.). (See Rules 12-19.)
  • NOTE: All students must *contribute to the school music program in order to be eligible for regional and state music festivals. The students must also meet all eligibility requirements of the KSHSAA for individual participation. The students’ qualifications are approved by the local principal. It is also the principal who makes the final determination as to whether the students are to represent the school as one of the allotted entrants.
  • *Interpretation: The word “contribution” shall be interpreted to mean the student sings or plays an instrument as a performer for any phase of the school music program.