The music manual no longer prohibits music published as duets. Ensembles are still restricted to 3-24 performers. Thus duets may not be entered into solo and small ensemble festivals.

Accompaniment Option for Vocal or Instrumental SolosIntelligent accompaniments (e.g., Smart Music) will be allowed for solo performances only when a qualified accompanist is not available. Schools shall bring their own equipment to be used at the festivals and the scheduled performance time limit must include the setting up and taking down of equipment. The intelligent accompaniment unit must be set on the interactive mode for all performances and the intelligent accompaniment must follow the performer. It must be used as piano accompaniment only and is not to be used in orchestral or any other accompaniment modes. Non interactive accompaniment recordings, such as CD or MIDI, etc., will not be allowed. Intelligent accompaniments should only be utilized as a last option when a qualified accompanist is not available.

Large Group –Instrumental or Choral State Festivals – Music directors wanting written critique only simply need to request this prior to the performance.


  • Large Groups (page 17) – Each band, string orchestra or full orchestra will be allowed 15 minutes performance time and must perform two different compositions each by different composers.
    1. The same students must perform both selections, except for orchestral wind/percussion players. No student(s) may enter or leave the stage between compositions.
  • Band and Orchestra Literature Requirements (page 17) – Full orchestras may play two full orchestra selections or one full orchestra and one string selection.
  • Instrumental Solo – If a student enters a second instrumental solo, the student must play music by a different composer. (Each student shall be limited to one performance time on the same instrument).
  • Percussion groups comprised primarily of novelty instruments are not to participate at regional and state festivals. (Schools bringing such groups to festival will receive comments only.)
  • Conducting instrumental groups:
    1. Instrumental groups of ten (10) or more may be conducted.
    2. Percussion ensembles of five (5) or more that are non-rudimental (marching style) may be conducted.
    3. Any other instrumental groups which are conducted will receive “Comments Only”.
  • Show Tunes – Students performing show tunes and/or Jazz literature will receive “Comments Only”. The only exception is Jazz ensemble literature specifically written for a like group of instruments is acceptable, otherwise no Jazz literature.


Transposed music is acceptable as long as an original copy is provided to adjudicator and there is an original copy beside the accompanist.

Show Tunes – Students performing show tunes and/or Jazz literature will receive “Comments Only”.

Accompaniment for Vocal Groups – Piano and other instrumental accompanists for vocal groups may be eligible students or adult musicians of the director’s choice. Instrumental accompaniment shall not be considered part of the ensemble and should not influence the judging of the choral performance.