The Kansas Association for Youth (KAY) is a character-building, leadership training, service program directed by the Kansas State High School Activities Association. This national acclaimed organization provides students an opportunity to learn to assume their citizenship responsibilities and to enrich their personalities through well-organized programs, project, and parties. Programs educate, inspire and direct members into carefully planned service projects. These projects emphasize four areas of service-school, community, nation, and world.

KAY is student association unique to Kansas and started in 1946 under the direction of Miss Wanda May Vinson. After more than seventy years, the KAY program continues to grow and develop by seeking to fill the needs of current and future generations.

Students who participate in activities like KAY tend to have higher grade point averages, better attendance records, lower dropout rates, and few discipline problems. Activities also contribute greatly to school spirit and they help make school much more enjoyable.

The Kansas Association for Youth stresses group involvement and a “point system” has been devised to award any worthwhile project. It is hoped that participation by large percentage of the members will develop an appreciation for their responsibilities as citizens in a democracy.

All students in grades 6-12 whose schools are members of the KSHSAA may join the KAY Club in their schools. By belonging to KAY these students can experience the concept of teamwork…that they are all unique individuals and that by working together they can achieve a desirable goal. Through KAY, students can sharpen their leadership skills as well as build their confidence and self-esteem. In addition, KAY school service projects can help promote school spirit and pride. In KAY, students are developing an attitude for life regarding leadership and service-an attitude of “we get to” rather than “we have to.” They are learning at a young age about assuming their citizenship responsibility.

The KAY program empowers Kansas students with lifetime leadership skills and an attitude of service to others.

- Membership in KAY is available to all students attending a KSHSAA member school.

- Participation in KAY builds character, promotes good citizenship, and improves life skills.

- Participation in KAY allows students to develop lifetime leadership skills.

- KAY provides students the opportunity to develop a positive attitude of service for others.

- KAY provides a supervised opportunity for students to grow in character, leadership, and selfless service.

- KAY focuses on service to a student’s school, their community, nation, and world.

- Participation in KAY contributes to school spirit and pride.

- KAY promotes positive school and community relations

- Participation in school activities like KAY is a privilege.

- Participation in KAY promotes academic achievement and enriches each student’s educational experience.

- Service to others benefits both the receiver and the giver.

- All KAY sponsors should be knowledgeable and properly trained.

- Attendance at KLC, Regional and Unit Conferences provide a tremendous networking opportunity for both students and sponsors.

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