Declaration of Privileges


Declaration of Privileges


As a youth in the years of decision, I believe these rights and privileges are mine:

  • To love and be loved
  • To think creatively
  • To seek the truth
  • To appreciate and respect all races
  • To enjoy fun and laughter
  • To share with my family and friends
  • To strive to be a good citizen
  • To live a healthy lifestyle
  • To give myself to a cause
  • To take the long look


I will, as a member of the Kansas Association for Youth, endeavor to maintain the high ideals of my organization, to make my personality a positive influence in the life of my school and my community, and to pass on an association which will be a challenge and inspiration to future members.


Today For Tomorrow


Laugh, Love, Lift


We, the youth of Kansas, interested in becoming adult citizens worthy of the democratic traditions of our country, will endeavor to fulfill the six objectives of the Kansas Association for Youth.

  1. Character (Laugh, Love, Lift)
  2. Health (Physical and Mental)
  3. Service (School, Community, Nation, World)
  4. Appreciation (Friends, All Races, Self)
  5. Recreation (Relaxation, Rest, Re-creation)
  6. Leadership (Citizenship and Caring)