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December 6, 2023

The first few days of the Kansas high school basketball season is underway. It is exciting to go to games and see coaches and players compete.

Here are a few scenarios that were presented at the in-person rules meetings.

1) Team A scores. Team B is inbounding the ball and may run on the end line. B1 who is the in-bounder, passes to B2 who is also out of bounds on the end line. B2 returns the pass to B1 who now has full in bounds status.
Ruling: This is a legal play because B1 was never in bounds when the ball was live.

2) A1 has the ball in the frontcourt near the division line. There is a double foul called on A2 and B2 in the lane.
Ruling: Even though Team A is retaining the ball in it’s front court, the ball will be inbounded at the point of interruption because it is a double foul.

3) Team A has ball in front court. Team B is called for a common foul before the bonus in the back court.
Ruling: The ball is inbounded nearest the location of the foul which would be in the back court.

4) Team A has the ball in the front court. A1’s pass to A2 is arrent and goes into the backcourt untouched by another player. A backcourt violation is called when a) when A1 touches the ball outside the rocket ship in the backcourt or b) when A1 touches the ball inside the rocket ship in the backcourt.
Ruling: a) The ball is inbounded at the nearest 28’ line. B) The ball is inbounded at the nearest 3’ endline location.

5) A1 has picked up the dribble. A2 voluntarily leaves the court and returns. B1, the on-ball defender is tracing the ball as A1 is looking to pass. B1 touches the ball quickly with one hand after A2 has come back onto the court while A1 maintains control. A1 passes to A2 who catches the pass. B1 touched the ball after A2 returned to the court. Is Team A in violation?
Ruling: If the ball was still in A1’s hands, then yes, violation. If A1 passed the ball followed by a quick touch from B, then no, no violation.

A few items to start the season:
If they choose, teams may have their fans/students stand out of bounds along the sideline on their half of the court to high five the starting lineup during the regular season only. This is not permitted in the postseason.

Can an athletic director, coach, spectator, etc., report dunking to the scorer’s table?
They can; however, the only information that can be acted upon must be provided by the officials waiting for the next game, or the officials from the game in progress.

If the coach is assessed an indirect technical foul for a player dunking during warm-ups, do they lose the opportunity to stand during the game?
Yes. Per Rule 10.6.1.a, the first technical foul charged directly or indirectly to the head coach results in loss of coaching-box privileges, and the head coach shall remain seated for the remainder of the game.

There were numerous behavior issues reported with players, coaches and fans through the first weekend of games. Let’s do our part to make basketball in Kansas as great as it is meant to be for everyone!


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Current Boys Champions
Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Tribune-Greeley County

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Current Girls Champions
Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege
Elbing-Berean Academy
Highland-Doniphan West

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