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Scholars Bowl competitions may begin as early as October 19. The KSHSAA Executive Board and Board of Directors approved for the 2020-21 Scholars Bowl Season an online competition format that was developed in consultation with the Kansas Association of Scholars Bowl Coaches (KASBC). A link to this online format and procedures is located HERE.

In-person scholars bowl competition with COVID-19 Risk Mitigation protocols is permitted for the 2020-21 season; however, the KSHSAA approved online format provides an option for schools who cannot host/attend in-person competitions. Should the KSHSAA postseason scholars bowl competitions (regional and state) not be able to occur in-person, this is the online format that will be used. Please review the KSHSAA Scholars Bowl COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Considerations for In-Person Competitions and Practices.

When hosting in-person competitions, schools are strongly encouraged to host smaller tournaments (fewer teams) with other schools/teams from nearby. The online competition format could be used for larger tournaments including schools/teams from across Kansas. There are, of course, significant differences between the traditional, in-person format and the newly approved, online format; however, these are times to be grateful for participation options, and the general consensus of students and coaches is, “We would rather have some type of scholars bowl opportunity than none at all.”

The 2020-21 Scholars Bowl Manual was mailed to schools in July. This is a vital resource all coaches and administrators will want to become familiar with. It can also be accessed online once logged into the KSHSAA site. Simply click on the “Publications” link and under “Manuals” select “Scholars Bowl”.

The Scholars Bowl Online Rules Meeting (Head Coach Requirement) must be completed by October 19. Schools not completing this requirement will be fined $100. The rules meeting is taken online using coach/sponsor login information provided to school activities directors. Some coaches completed this requirement by attending a KASBC Fall Clinic.

Each high school participating in Scholars Bowl is also required to submit 35 questions to the KSHSAA for postseason competition. To learn more about the question submission requirement, refer to pages 15-17 in the Scholars Bowl Manual. Schools must submit 35 questions by October 23 to be able to participate in postseason competition and avoid a penalty fee of $85.

Remember to track how many competitions each of your students is participating in throughout the season. RULE 51-2-3: No student may participate in more than nine (9) Scholars Bowl competitions per year, exclusive of regional and state. This number is eight (8) if your school does not host any tournaments this year. Due to COVID-19 and the focus on smaller tournament numbers and the potential for online competitions, schools will not need to host a league or larger invitational tournament to be able to allow their students nine (9) regular season competitions instead of eight (8). For 2020-21, schools must simply host a competition, in-person or online.

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