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Using Reciprocals for Breaking Ties Video (begins 2023)


Changes adopted by the KSHSAA Executive Board and published in the 2024-25 Debate, Speech & Drama Manual:

Festival Regulations
Sec. 4.B. Entries – see page 34 of the 2024-25 Debate, Speech & Drama Manual

Information for Festival Managers and Coaches
Entries Allowed – see page 35

Championship Regulations
Sec. 4.B. State Qualifications – see page 39
Sec. 12. Substitutions – see page 41
Sec. 13.F & G. Grievances – see page 41

Definition of Published
Selections must come from literature that is published and copyrighted. “Published” literature shall be defined as any material that is available to the general public with the exception of original material published by local high school publications such as a newspaper, literary magazine, or yearbook. Scripts from the Internet are acceptable if they include:

  1. A receipt or photocopy of the receipt of purchase for the complete work from commercial sources, or
  2. Proof of current Internet source’s existence, such as its inclusion on an electric-reader or indication of valid URL.

Rule 30 Seasons of Activities Sec. 1 Art. 5 states – Interschool scrimmages (practices) in all activities shall be prohibited. a) Schools may not hold interschool scrimmages (practices) in athletics, scholars’ bowl or debate/speech. Interschool is defined as senior high school with another senior high school.

Impromptu Speaking
Each student is limited to three events and may not enter three times in the same event. NOTE: Students may enter only one “Draw” or “Preparation” event with the exception of Impromptu.

Thus, it is possible to enter Impromptu and Foreign or Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking in the same tournament.

DUO and Duet Acting
If double entered in DUO and Duet Acting the student may NOT use the same piece/selection. It is permissible to be with different partners.

Like Events (DI and SSA or HI and HSA or DUO and Duet Acting)
A student MUST qualify twice to double enter in like events.

A student who qualifies for SSA in an invitational tournament may enter DI at State or vice versa. A student who qualifies for HI in an invitational tournament may enter HSA at State or vice versa. A student who qualifies for DUO in an invitational tournament may enter Duet Acting at State or vice versa. Obviously at State, in each of these cases, they must comply with all rules of the specific event they enter.

The following is KSHSAA’s position on students who do not follow KSHSAA rules particularly concerning the 500 road mile Bylaw XIV.
If a student who is a member of a school’s team chooses to attend a:

- Non sanctioned KSHSAA competition or event, or
- Competition or event beyond the sanctioned 500 road mile limit Bylaw XIV,

the student/the school clearly violates KSHSAA policy and will be subject to KSHSAA penalties.

If a student chooses not to be on a school’s team and operates as an "independent" competitor or team, the student would not be under the bylaws, rules, and policies of the KSHSAA. However, the school cannot provide financial support for entry fees and/or travel expenses. No adult school representation/coach will be allowed to accompany student(s) as "independent(s). The school and school coach cannot be involved. (This does not prevent a student from being enrolled in an academic class for credit during school hours only.)


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