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Javelin clarification

6-8-10d Javelin
ART. 10. . . It is foul if the competitor:

  1. Makes a 360-degree turn before the javelin is released.
  2. Uses a delivery other than an over-arm, above-the-shoulder motion of the throwing arm.
  3. Throws the javelin so it does not fall within the sector lines.
  4. Touches on or over either the runway lines or on or over the foul-line arc before the throw is marked has landed.
  5. Fails to hold the javelin by the whipcord grip.
  6. Exits the runway before the implement has landed.
  7. Fails to exit the runway behind the foul-line arc and the perpendicular side extensions after the javelin has landed.

Rationale: Clarifies language permitting an athlete to exit the runway after the implement has landed and before it is marked.


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Wichita-Bishop Carroll
Scott Community
Johnson-Stanton County
Almena-Northern Valley
Lenexa-St. James Academy
Seneca-Nemaha Central
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[Previous State Champions]

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