April 15, 2024

NFHS Baseball Questionnaire
The annual NFHS Baseball Questionnaire has been emailed to coaches and umpires. This survey helps decision makers on the baseball rules committee be informed of how past rules changes are being implemented and provides information on trending topics within the game. Be on the lookout for this email and complete the questionnaire by April 30.

Postseason Application
Umpires the postseason application is entirely online. If you submit the application and get games added to your schedule you can go back and add games yourself at any time before the deadline of May 8.

Compression Sleeves
Compression sleeves are not considered part of the uniform. Therefore, they may be different lengths and colors. If the pitcher is wearing a compression sleeve it must be black or solid dark color.

Mound Visits
There is no such rule in NFHS that limits the amount of mound visits by the catcher to the pitcher. Look at NFHS Rule 3-4-1 for charged conference rule.

When do they have to change pitchers?

Covering the Rules of Baseball
6.2.4 Situation E: With R2 on second base, F1 wheels and takes a throw to second on a pickoff attempt. As R2 dives back to the base, F4 and F6 run into short center field as if chasing an errant throw. R2, seeing this, takes off for third base where R2 is thrown out by F1. RULING This is legal and is not considered unsportsmanlike conduct. R2’s base coaches have the responsibility to keep R1 informed.

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