Attire, Jewelry, Logos, Headwear

The KSHSAA Executive Board has authorized guidelines regarding attire for interscholastic tennis. All tennis attire must be school approved. Coaches must get school approval before ordering uniforms. Attire must be worn as the manufacturer intended.

Appropriate Attire (Competition and Warm-up)

  • Shirt and shorts/skirt or tennis dress are required.
  • School colors and identification are desirable but not required.
  • Shorts must be worn at the waist with a minimum five (5) inch inseam.
  • Unaltered shirts with sleeves.
  • Sleeveless tops tailored by the manufacturer (T-shirt tailored top without sleeves)
  • Players are to be neat in their attire.

Inappropriate Attire (Competition and Warm-up)

  • Jeans, jean shorts
  • Ragged or cut-off shorts
  • Tank tops (thin shoulder straps with large arm opening and scoop front and back neck opening)
  • Tops that do not cover the waist
  • Torn shirts
  • No shirt (boys), sports bra only (girls)
  • Undergarments or tights which extend below the shorts/skirt (Exception: compression shorts which are unadorned and of a single color)
  • Clothing, headwear or other apparel with inappropriate pictures or verbiage


  • Jewelry - There is no restriction on jewelry worn during competition.
  • Logos - There is no restriction on manufacturer’s logos/trademarks worn during competition (i.e., Nike symbol)
  • Hats/visors - Hats/visors with a bill may be worn with the bill worn forward or backwards.The hat may not be worn inside out, with the bill worn to the side.
  • Headbands - They may be worn, not to exceed three (3) inches in width. Bandanas and skull caps are not permitted.
  • Appropriate attire must be worn in the playing area at all times (including warm-up and award presentation). Removal of any part of the uniform is unacceptable behavior.
  • Tournament managers will not permit students to compete if not appropriately attired.
  • Member schools/coaches have a responsibility to enforce appropriate attire all season long.
  • Member schools/coaches that have a concern regarding another school's attire should contact the KSHSAA.
  • All schools must follow the uniform rules during regular season and postseason meets.



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