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Definitions and Rule interpretations

Based on questions from parents and club coaches concerning what is permitted during the school year outside the season of sport, here are a few definitions that will help clarify some rules. School coaches may not be involved in off season practices or competitions.

Outside Competition (Non-School teams)
During the school year outside the season of sport no more than (3 for basketball; 4 for volleyball; 5 for 8-man football, baseball & softball; 6 for 11 man football and soccer) players from the same school squad may play/practice or be rostered on the same non-school/outside team in the same sport.

School Year
Defined as the Tuesday after Labor Day until the Saturday before Memorial Day.

School Squad
Defined as Varsity, JV, 9th, A-team, B-team, etc. Any amount of time played in a contest (pinch runner, 1 quarter, 1 play, etc) constitutes squad membership. A player could be a member of several squads.

Non-School-Team membership
The number of players allowed on a non-school/outside team during the school year outside the season of sport is based on the previous school years roster.
Limits are:
3 for basketball;
4 for volleyball;
5 for 8-man football, baseball & softball;
6 for 11 man football and soccer.

Non-School/Outside team
Any team that is not part of the school program.

Private Instruction
Defined as one student receiving instruction from one person during a period of instruction. A support person (no more than 2) may be present at Private Instruction but may not receive instruction. For example during a basketball lesson one person could pass the ball while another played defense but may not receive instruction. Another example may be a pitcher receiving a pitching lesson – they may have a catcher there as a support person.

Group Instruction
Defined as two or more students receiving instruction from an instructor during the same period of instruction.

Open Gym
If a school provides an open gym it must be announced to the entire student body, it cannot be for only a select or designated group of people. NO INSTRUCTION may be given by anyone during an open gym. A coach employed by the school cannot supervise the open gym if the sport they coach is being played. Example: if the batting cages are being used the baseball/softball coaches cannot organize or supervise the open gym.

Camp/Clinic (not organized by school coaches)
A camp/clinic held during the school year outside the season of sport must be advertised and open to anyone, not just a specific group of students. Camps/clinics may not be longer than one calendar week in length. The same group of students may not attend more than two camps/clinics organized for the purposes of skill development.

Practice after the school season
In areas of the state where middle schools have a split season in basketball, we receive inquires about parents or other individuals continuing to practice with the players after the school season is over. Parents or other individuals may not “extend” the season by having members of the school team continue to practice together after the school’s competition season is over.

School facilities
School facilities being used by outside groups for practices and competitions must be rented/leased based on board of education policy.

Off-Season Conditioning
Off season conditioning programs must be open to the entire student body and participants must furnish their own clothing. A school may not offer more than one off-season conditioning program at any given time. Off season conditioning is limited to “weight training and general agility drills – not sports specific drills and general running conditioning.”

** Revised – August 16, 2012 **




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