KSHSAA Student Health and Safety

KSHSAA Pre-Activity Timeout

As a proactive communication measure, schools are expected to designate a time prior to the start of any interscholastic contest to share event critical information with stakeholders. The following information should be shared/reviewed prior to the first contest at each location:

  1. Introduction of home and visiting administration on duty (identify primary point of contact).
  2. Identify the location of athletic trainer(s) or other qualified medical professionals.
  3. Identify the location of the AED(s).
  4. Identify emergency entrance/exits for the facility.
  5. Identify the storm shelter location and communication plan for evacuation.
  6. Identify the rapid body cooling plan (location of cold water immersion tub).
  7. Identify the communication plan for leadership.
  8. Identify the communication plan for respective groups (students, coaches, officials and fans).
  9. Identify any special events or concerns relative to the event.
These 9 items are to be reviewed prior to the event by the ranking school leader of every school involved in the contest. Each participating school is to be represented in this pregame meeting. If an administrative representative is not in attendance, this responsibility belongs to the head coach.

Below is a link to print additional time out cards and distribute to all appropriate personnel.

Pre-Activity Timeout



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