The KSHSAA Wants Your Photos!

The Kansas State High School Activities Association is inviting the students of Kansas to share their photos with the rest of the state. Please send photos of your school's activity programs to the KSHSAA. Your photo may be selected to be on the cover of our monthly journal or another KSHSAA publication. This is a wonderful opportunity to share the talents of your student photographers, as well as gain more recognition for your school and your school's activity programs.

To submit a photo, simply email the digital image to bmaendele@kshsaa.org or mshehi@kshsaa.org. The larger the photo the better, as the front cover of the KSHSAA publications require a resolution of at least 2500 x 3500 to remain crisp and clear. Be sure to include the school name, photographer's name, identification of people in the photo (if possible), and any other details that are relevant to the photo (location, event, etc.)

For photos that are too large to be sent by email, please login under your school's administrative password and upload the photo by clicking the hard drive icon. This icon can be located in the bottom right corner of the school information page after successfully logging in.

We look forward to receiving your photographs!

Gary Musselman
KSHSAA Executive Director




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