Contact/Practice Limitation Plan

In effect as of August 17, 2015
The following plan (Approved by the Board of Directors) was derived from information provided by the National Federation of State High Schools (NFHS) Concussion Summit Task Force and the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) Sports Medicine Committee, staff, focus group and the KSHSAA Executive Board to minimize risk for member-school athletes participating in interscholastic football at both the Senior High and the Middle/Junior High School level.

Level of Contact (defined by USA Football):

  • a. Air = Players run drills unopposed without contact.
  • b. Bags = Drills are run against a bag or another soft-contact surface.
  • c. Control = Drills are run at assigned speed until the moment of contact; one player is pre-determined the “winner” by the coach. Contact remains above the waist and players stay on their feet.
  • d. Thud = Drills are run at assigned speed through the moment of contact; no pre-determined “winner”. Contact remains above the waist, and the players stay on their feet and a quick whistle ends the drill.
  • e. Live Action = Drills are run in game-like conditions and is the only time that players are taken to the ground.

Practice Limitations

  1. Players must have a minimum of one day of recovery during any week (Sunday-Saturday), beginning Monday of SCW #7 through SCW #21. Only team meeting, walk-throughs (no equipment, including helmets), conditioning or weight lifting is permitted on a recovery day.
  2. Week One Guidelines: (SCW #7)
    • Day 1 of practice: Helmets only (Air and Bags only are permitted)
    • Day 2 of practice: Helmets and shoulder pads are permitted. (Air and Bags only are permitted).
    • Day 3 of practice: Helmets and shoulder pads are permitted. (Air, Bags, and Control are permitted).
    • Day 4 of practice: Helmets and shoulder pads are permitted. (Air, Bags, Control and Thud are permitted).
    • Day 5 through Saturday of SCW #9: Full Contact/Live Action (Air, Bags, Control, Thud and Live Action are permitted) may begin with the following guidelines: On any day involving multiple practices, only one practice may involve Control, Thud or Live Action.
  3. Beginning Monday of SCW #10 and continuing through the remainder of the football season:
    • Full Contact (Live action and/or Thud combined) is permitted, but may account for no more than 90-minutes total per week of team practice.
    • Players may participate in Air, Bags, Control or Thud only practice periods the day after playing in a game. No Live Action is recommended for those student/athletes.
    • Players may not participate in football games on consecutive days (effective with the 2016 football season).

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