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Regional Brackets
Regional baseball has been set. You can stay tuned to all scores and game information here:

Umpire – 3 Person Mechanics
Regional and state games are done in three person systems. Umpires need to dive into their NFHS umpire’s manual and review three person mechanics. In addition, if allowable you should arrive a little earlier so you and your crew can review the proper rotations. Communication is key with three person mechanics, before and during the play.

Regional Winners
Each team that wins a regional, needs to submit a team photo and roster/pass gate for the state program by NOON after their regional has concluded. Team also need to confirm your final record with the host for state seeding.

Games played after seeding date for regionals will count toward state record.

State Bracket
After the conclusion of each regional within the class state brackets will be posted here

NFHS Questionnaire
Each umpires and coach received information about the NFHS Rule Questionnaire. Be sure to take the survey so you can give input on the playing rules. Responses are due May 15.

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