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Seeding Date
Regional seeding date is May 8 at 10:00 am. Brackets will be posted once the regional has been seeded.

Games played before that date will count towards the regional record. Games played after that date will count towards the state record should the team qualify.

School's win-loss form needs to be up-to-date daily at this point in the season.

NFHS Questionnaire
Each umpires and coach received information about the NFHS Rule Questionnaire. Be sure to take the survey so you can give input on the playing rules. Responses are due May 15.

3-Foot Away
NFHS Baseball Rule 8-4-2a: A runner is out when…runs more than three feet away from a direct line between bases to avoid being tagged or to hinder a fielder while the runner is advancing or returning to a base;

  1. The is not an infraction if a fielder attempting to field a batted ball is in the runner's proper path and if the runner runs behind the fielder to avoid interfering with him.
  2. When a play is being made on a runner or batter-runner, he establishes his baseline as directly between his position and the base toward which he is moving.

When Can I Play on My Summer Team?
The KSHSAA policy states the outside team competition or participation may begin when the student-athlete's school season has ended. So, when the school team they participate on is done for the school year they may attend practice or games for an outside team. The rule of five participants per school squad still stands until the Saturday before Memorial Day.

If it is a JV player, they need not wait until the varsity team is done before they can join the outside team. As long as they are done practicing and playing, they can join.

Season Review
Coaches I call your attention to an article form the NFHS. "The closing night of the play, the winning shot of the final basketball game or the final lines in the last debate contest brings students to culminating celebrations. These are moments when students realize how their work and dedication has led them to their outcomes.

Leaders of high school activity programs may also feel a variety of emotions including anxiety, excitement and relief; however, coaches and advisors must not only provide closure to seasons, but they also must create routines that leave programs prepared for the next season. Establishing end-of-season routines allows programs to maintain their effectiveness, create smooth annual transitions and promote a sustainable culture." Link to full article:

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