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Numbers or Names?
By NFHS rule, names are the appropriate factor when deciding batting order/lineup over numbers. If you get an improper batter appeal because the wrong number is at bat, then look at the name. If the name is correct for the person supposed to be batting then you just make the correction on the lineup card and play on. There is no penalty if the name is correct. NFHS Rule 7 outlines position and batting order.

Shoulders or Feet?
When determining legality of the windup position, the NFHS rule defines feet not shoulders. Referring to rule 6, as long as the pivot foot and non-pivot foot are in the correct positions then the nature or direction of the shoulders does not matter.

Follow-through Interference
Situation: Runner on third (R3), one out. Batter hits a sharp ground ball to the short stop. On the batter's follow-through, he knocks the catcher's glove off of the catcher's hand. Ruling: If the shortstop is throwing home in attempt to retire R3 coming home and the out is not made, then the ball become dead and the plate umpire shall call follow-through interference on the batter. Resulting in R3 being called out.

Regional assignments are now posted. Note that the east/west split for 6A, 5A, and 4A are going to be slightly different than any other sport. There are a different number of schools that play baseball and different schools entirely compared to others. Seeding date is Wednesday, May 8.

Reporting Scores and Pitch Counts
Schools must report pitch counts and scores on the KSHSAA website. Varsity scores are only reported via the KSHSAA website. Varsity pitch counts may be submitted through Game Changer if you have put in your Game Changer ID. Many instructions have been sent on this. Pitch counts will either be under the "Game Changer Pitch Counts" link circled in yellow on their team schedule page or in the drop down by the score highlighted in yellow.

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