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Baseball Talk
Not more than two weeks into the season and we already have had a handful of ejections for swearing. There will be an automatic ejection for players that swear on the baseball field. Coach needs to be more diligent in their instruction to players about the respect given to umpires. In this climate where our umpire numbers are down nearly 30 compared to last year and 50 compared to two years ago, decency needs to be displayed more than ever. We can do better.

Looking at Pitch Counts
Go to the baseball tab on the website then click on ‘regional standings’ link on the right-hand side. From there you can check the schedules of each team with the pitch counts entered for that game.

Regional assignments will be posted by April 1.

SITUATION: The batter enters the batter’s box with a bat that has a bat knob sensor embedded in the knob of the bat. RULING: Sensor technology embedded in the bat is legal for practice but is illegal for competition. Therefore, the bat is an illegal bat. The ball is dead, the batter is declared out and the head coach is restricted to the bench for the remainder of the game. (4-1-3b PENALTY, 5-1-1c, 7-4-1a)

SITUATION 20: With the bases loaded and the runner on third base breaking for home, the batter swings at a pitch, hitting it high in the air between the pitching mound and home plate. As the plate umpire declares “Infield fly if fair,” the ball lands on the ground and rolls back toward home. As the runner from third is sliding to the plate, the ball contacts him in fair ground. RULING: The ball is immediately declared dead. The batter is out for the infield fly and the runner is out as well. (2-19, 5-1-1-f1, 8-4-2-k2)

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